When to act

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I love a good principle because it can be used in any generation, by anyone, with predictable results.  There is a great book by David J. Schwartz called The Magic of Thinking Big.  In this book he says that “action cures fear”.  In modern times Mel Robbins says the same thing with her 5 Second Rule.  The basis of both books is that when you hear the voice for good in your head, or when you have a thought to act and to serve, Just Do It.  Oh, look… even Nike is on board.

Upon healing people, Jesus told them to get up and walk.  Could the healing have taken place if they were given time to sit around and doubt the power of the miracle?  Food for thought.

Success in all areas of life is based on doing.  And doing it now, whether jotting down a note, texting a friend or pulling over to help someone change a tire can create unforeseen opportunities for us to do good in the world.  Often it’s not what we do, but when we do it that really counts.


Ben B.

Ben B.

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