“When” and “Then”

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It can be disastrous to your well being…  If you convince yourself that there is a box to check before you can experience fulfillment in your life, you’ll never be happy.  I could give a dozen examples from my own life and people I know who held their life back until their perceived something was complete.  I’m sure you have a dozen examples of your own.

Think about examples from your life and then make it a priority to treat people kindly, to have a good attitude and to smile as much as possible, even though you haven’t checked the “when”.  Waiting for a result (the when) before we allow ourselves to feel relaxed, happy and/or fulfilled (the then) is recipe for misery.

When we choose to be happy in the moment, then we’ll be happy in the moment.  Everything else will be what it will be as you work though it.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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