The Jones’ need you to keep up.

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Instead of buying the stuff they buy, what if you could improve how they improve?  Did you ever consider that the Jones’ have the life you want because they’ve worked for it?  The Jones’ are just like you, but instead of worrying about buying stuff, they worry about becoming better people.  And the natural cause of their personal growth is that they are able to buy, do, see and have many things that we admire in their lives.

Now consider this.  You need to keep up with the Jones’, and they need to keep up with you.    They are looking for someone to keep up with.  “Shoulders are made to stand on,” said Steward, LLC founder Ben Barrus.  “Rarely does innovation come out of thin air, it is almost always built while standing on someone else’s shoulders, and if you look down, the stack is 1,000 people high”.  It’s not the stuff, it’s the personal growth that we are seeking.

Steward, LLC focuses its training and coaching events around a simple idea called The Steward Principle.  The principle says that “better people, better people”.  Meaning, those who are ahead are able to “better” those who are behind.

“It is our capacity to act which allows us to have significance in relationships and material things,” says founder Ben Barrus.  “When we take the time to study the lives of people we admire, it opens new pathways for us to improve.  And when we intentionally try to improve ourselves in order to help someone else, the Steward Principle is fully realized”.

Steward, LLC offers on-site presentations to help organizations get back to the true basics of human progression.  The training are entertaining, memorable and fun.  “It is our job to care for the people,” says Barrus “It is their job to care for the business”  When people become better, their organizations, teams, and groups become better.

To schedule a training at your facility, or for additional information contact Steward, LLC at:

Web: www.Steward.Life
Email: team@Steward.Life
Phone: 801-755-3322




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