The Drive-thru That Wasn’t

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I was in California on business a few years ago when I pulled into a drive-thru restaurant for some dinner.  As I pulled around the side of the building I saw a gate blocking the drive-thru area.  On the gate was a note that “we are no longer able to offer the service of a drive-thru” because the city council had outlawed them.  I guess they thought people might be healthier if they got out of their cars and walked 10 feet into the restaurant.

Fearing I might get shot in this particular part of town I drove a few blocks away and found a similar fence with a similar sign.  Now getting frustrated, I asked my phone which city I was in, and then made sure to drive to a neighboring city to buy my food there.

Sure, the restaurants suffered because they didn’t sell their goods, but I wanted to make sure that city didn’t get a penny of tax money.  I wasn’t about to support such overbearing and ridiculous rules.

Now for my favorite part.  These “lazy” “fat” “unproductive” people that the city was trying to force a behavior change upon can now just get on their phone, and from their couch have the same meal delivered directly to their door.

Freedom and innovation always win over censorship, manipulation and regulation.

Granted, fast food will kill you.  But walking 10 steps into the building won’t change that.  It’s about making good choices of your own free will and enjoying the benefits they provide.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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