The City Planner Has Gum Disease

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15 years ago my wife and I built a home in a farming community near the Great Salt Lake.  Our back deck view was nothingness for about two miles until our eyes touched the shores of the lake.  It was a beautiful setting but with an influx of development over the years our view has changed to the back of a two story house.

Our little city has changed dramatically and it’s taken lots of work on the part of our city leaders to keep up.  They’ve done a great job planning for, and working with the changes.  Fortunately one thing has remained consistent throughout the years.  Each month the city sends out a 2-3 page newsletter to cover the comings and goings of our once little town.

Last month my wife opened up the newsletter and was browsing the highlighted stories.  I heard her say “The city planner has gum disease”.  I thought this was a strange piece of information to publish for the entire city to see, but we’re still clinging to our small town-ness, so I didn’t give it much thought.

The next day I opened the newsletter and sure enough there was a picture of our City Planner.  The headline announced that he had been recognized as the #1 city planner in our state.  I couldn’t find any mention of gum disease.  As I looked closer at the article’s accompanying photo I saw him proudly holding a transparent award with his name etched on the front, and his face broadcasting a full mouthed smile.

Before having children my wife spent years working in the dental field.  Her comment was simply an audible thought of a diagnosis she was making by studying the photo.

Attributed to George Bernard Shaw is the often quoted saying “the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place”.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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