Ben Barrus

Public Speaking

From the stage:

Ben is an energetic, passionate (and sometimes funny) speaker. The message he shares is meaningful and he molds it to match the landscape of the particular organization where he’s speaking. He guides the presentation along through stories and real experiences to help the principles he shares be more memorable.

In the workshop:

Gathering your team for a workshop is a fantastic way to learn and apply the Steward Principle in real time. Through object lessons and hands on activities, Ben will steer your group through the methodology and pattern of the Steward Principle. This 60-90 minute workshop is fun and engaging. Each participant will personally work through the Steward Principle using their own life experience and examples. This truly personal approach will help your people quickly see how they can apply the Steward Principle in their personal and work lives. Each participant will create at least one action plan for an area of thier life they’d like to strengthen.

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