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Yesterday as I watched another one of Space X’s launches I sat in amazement.  I never grow tired of seeing their feats of engineering that bring a spent rocket back home to land safely on a designated pad (or a floating barge).

Just a few years ago, this whole concept seemed absurd, and the nay-sayers made sure the Space X team understood that they were crazy.  Now, just a few years later, with many, many successful landings under their belts, it seems crazy that rockets were ever just disposed of into the sea.  The “normal” thing to do would have been to return them home for refurbishing and relaunching.  Granted, back in the day, the technology just didn’t exist to make this happen, and Elon and company are standing on the shoulders of the giants before them, but I’m glad they came along when they did to turn what we all thought was normal, into a better version of itself.

Only we can see what is inside our own minds.  When we have a vision to improve ourselves, or the world and people around us, people may call us all sorts of names.  But when we begin to consistently become the person we know we can be, eventually people will ask “where was this person all along?”.  The new you will make the old you seem like the crazy one, and that’s a good thing.

Everything takes time, but change takes effort.  Time will pass whether you do anything about your life or not.  Effort is the tool that makes it happen.  If you hear yourself saying “I don’t have the time”, perhaps consider changing it to “I’m not making the effort”.  It may feel more authentic to your soul.  Then the real change can begin.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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