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On Halloween night, 2019 I realized I was getting a little overweight and told myself I needed to lose some weight.  “Well, the holidays are coming up” I justified “I’ll do it as a new year’s resolution”.  It was one of those moments where if I’d had a third hand, I would have shaken myself with the first two, and slapped my face with the third “get it together, man!”.

I decided then and there that I was going to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year, while many other people were gaining weight in the same timeframe.  We cannot allow ourselves to be victims of circumstance or poor habits.  Now is now, and that’s a better time to do anything.  What a perfect opportunity to “go against the grain”.  Who loses weight during this time of year?

So, I got after it and changed a few eating habits and began walking between 22 and 3o minutes each day (nothing special about those numbers, that’s just how long it takes me to walk two separate trails near my home).  I smashed the 10 pounds like there was nothing to it, and 90 days later (from Oct. 31) I’m down 22 LBS, and am two away from my “ideal” weight.

I didn’t realize I had that much extra weight on my frame, I should have been weighing in more.  Not paying attention gets us one place, and paying closer attention can get us to another.

If you have time (you have time) listen to, or read Dr. Michael Greger’s book How Not to Die.  It’s fascinating.  I owe 90% of any weight loss success to adhering to the wisdom in that book, and by using the accompanying “Daily Dozen” app.  The other 10%, getting outside and walking each day.  No hard workouts included.

If you’ve failed at fad diets before, you are in luck.  This is a simple, long-term lifestyle change that will create real results and hopefully give you more years, with more energy in them.  Your body will balance out to it’s ideal weight when fed and exercised properly.

I’m sure my attorney would like me to mention that I’m not licensed to give medical advice our counsel, so talk to you Dr., bla bla bla.


Ben B.

Ben B.

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