Hearing the music for the first time.

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Ask anyone who has ever studied an instrument and they will tell you that they begin to hear the details of that particular instrument in any song where it is played.  I think personal development is very similar.  It seems that you can always tune into someone else who is trying to do better things with their life, and conversely, you can also pick up the warped tones of those just grudgingly getting through life.

We’ve all heard the saying “when the students is ready, the teacher will reveal himself”.  It may not be so much that the teacher is coming into the students life, but that the student is now ready to hear the words of the teacher who has stood there all along.

Whatever part of your life you are trying to improve, listen in to the tune of others who have mastered the song you wish to play.  Their mastery will help you improve your own ability as you listen to and apply what you hear.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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