Hating the 1%

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You wouldn’t dream of hating someone because of  their choice of religion, political party, schooling or other lifestyle choices.  But there are those who hate others simply because they are (or perceived to be) wealthy.  Before passing judgement on someone’s human worth because of their net worth, please remember that your snap judgement is about as ridiculous as judging others because of their life choices.

How about getting to know them first, before passing judgement?  Maybe they are doing more good than you’ve ever thought imaginable.  Sure, there are some wealthy buttheads, but there are some poor one’s as well.  Money is just a tool.  A butthead and a Saint can use the money (tool) to accomplish their individual work.  It’s not the money, but the hand it is in…

A jerk can run a mechanic shop and rip people off, or a decent person can run a shop while providing a good service and making an honest income.  If our second mechanic happens to expand to a second location, and then a third, and then a 300th, wouldn’t they have more opportunities to do more good, as a good person naturally desires to do?

How about you?  If you were wealthy, where does your head go?  How do you use it?  Selfishly, or as a giver?  Often times it’s the demon inside that we fear the most.  Perhaps staying poor or middle class, and outwardly disparaging others for their wealth is a way to protect yourself from potentially becoming a person you fear you couldn’t control.

It takes a lot of dedication, effort and careful planning to earn, secure and finally share wealth.  Before pointing fingers, take a look in the mirror.  Could you do more good with additional wealth?  If so, there are a lot of people in the world who need you to get to work, and to stop the charade.

As scary as it is to think, perhaps our own attitudes toward money are allowing others to starve all around the world.  If we really cared, we’d do something about it.  And that something usually entails a considerable amount of money to get it done.

People have a right to spend their wealth as they choose.  If you have a cause, if you see a need, it is up to you to fill the gap.  It’s not your place to judge someone else for not believing in your cause.

You believe in it… you fix it.  That’s what many of the wealthy are doing.  That’s the power of freedom and capitalism.  You can focus on the negatives of the American system, or, use it to save your little piece of the world.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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