Has it all been invented?

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As a daily practice, I take 15 minutes and just wader around my office, a store, my house, or pretty much anywhere else.  My job in those 15 minutes is to look for new inventions to create, or how to modify already existing items to become even better.  As an Entrepreneur, this exercise helps keep my mind trained on “looking” and “noticing” which are critical skills if you are constantly creating.

So the other day I was doing this exercise at my desk and after a few minutes I ran out of things to look study.  I pulled my glasses from my face to rub my eyes and decided to spend the remaining 10 minutes or so just coming up with new and unseen ways to use or modify glasses.

By the time my timer beeped, I had seven new iterations of what glasses can be.  As human beings we are designed to continually reach, and then reach again for what is possible.  Sometimes the answer is sitting right on your face.

Keep exploring.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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