Dying While Charging

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As most of us do, I plugged my phone in the other night just before bed.  The next morning my phone charge was at 1%.  I thought I must not have plugged it in all the way and charged it in my office that morning while I was writing.  Again, that night I heard the “ding” and I went to sleep.  When I woke up, it was dead.  I charged it while I was on the road that day and it worked fine.  That night ran a toothpick across all the charging pins to make sure no dust was in there.  I plugged it in again that night at 34%, brushed my teeth and got ready for bed.  Out of curiosity I looked at my phone to see if it was still charging, which it was, but now it read 29%.

The phone indicated that it was charging, both audibly and visually, and yet, the charge was falling.  After talking with my wife for about 15 minutes I went back over to my phone and checked it again.  It had lost another 2%.  The phone is only 18 months old and it seemed kind of off that the battery would fail that quickly.  The next morning I plugged the blackened screened phone it into an outlet in the kitchen.  About five minutes later it came to life.  It charged all morning and held the charge all day.  The next night, my usual charger again drained the battery.  And the next day, the kitchen one filled it up again.  I finally realized that something was going on specifically with my night time charger, and changed it out for a new one.  The phone has been fine ever since.

It took a week to figure out something that may have taken less than an hour to resolve, if I had paid attention to it.  But, being in a rush and always having another charger nearby I just milked it along.  It turns out all those other chargers were working, only one was draining my battery.

Life seems to go like this.  Something will fire us up and keep us going for a long time, but after a while, perhaps that same thing will begin to drain us because we (it/they, etc.) have changed.  When we focus on what gives us energy and then use it to our benefit, we can make a bigger impact for good to those around us, and ourselves.

Maybe you feel like you are malfunctioning, when in reality it is one of your chargers that is not filling you up.  Relationships, conversations, work.  They call all charge and they can all drain.  Pay attention and only plug in to what gives you the energy you need.   Because that is how you are best able to give your energy and life to others.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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