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It seems that so many young people these days are being trained up to “change the world”.  With that topic in mind we need to remember that in order to change the world, we don’t need to change the entire world, we simply need to change and improve ourselves.

My wife is an incredible cook and when she has a rare moment to sit, she sometimes chooses to watch a cooking contest on TV.  This past weekend while I sat by her for a few moments as she was watching some holiday baking special, something interesting caught my attention.  One of the chefs was caramelizing some hazelnuts and they forgot to tun off the heat.  In true dramatic TV fashion they swung the camera to catch the “dangerous” smoke wafting from the surface of the pan (scary).  The chef didn’t have time to redo the nuts so he simply put them in the food processor and ground them to a powder, hoping nobody would notice.

When it came time to eat the cake, two of the tree judges really liked the flavor, but one of them had a very concerned look on his face.  He said “something tastes burnt… hazelnuts, it tastes like burnt hazelnuts”.  From the outside nobody could tell if hazelnuts had been introduced into the cake and the other two judges scoffed at the one.  But as the camera zoomed in tight on his face, he said with confidence “something burned”.

Now, this chef made a minor change to a recipe and someone who knew what to look for had noticed.  Even the slightest variation was noticed in the recipe.  And while it was a blunder in this case, when we change the recipe in our own lives, people will begin to notice.  They may not know the how or what behind your change, but something will catch their attention.  And if you can influence them for good through your change, you have changed the world.  Not the whole world, but that small part of the world has changed.

If we keep tweaking one tiny recipe change after another, huge changes can take place.  It’s important for us to remember that even our smallest efforts can be noticed, and that huge change typically happens one unnoticeable bite at a time.  Even the burnt mistakes make us who we are, in fact, that’s when we grow the most.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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