Building furniture from Ikea

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When we set out to achieve something, it’s important to know the recipe before we begin.  Sure, being entrepreneurs we rarely can see the complete end from the beginning, but we can study it out in order to have a good idea of what we are stepping into.

Prime example, we’ve been wanting to get new dressers for our kids’ rooms and finally gave up on looking for used, and bought three new sets from Ikea.  My justification was that I didn’t want to run all over town gathering up used dressers “that could take a couple hours” I said.

Fast forward a week or so and we’ve just finished assembling (most of) the first of three dressers.  A little more research would have showed me that these take at least two hours to assemble, and if saved time were my main criteria, this would have been a poor choice.

My wife wanted “new” as well, so the extra time isn’t a big deal as we piece them together.  But, a simple internet search would have helped reveal to me what I was stepping into.  There are some hilarious stories of non-handy people taking days to assemble these pieces.

As we begin new ventures, it’s important in the “Explore” section of the Steward Model to understand as much as we can as we begin to take forward moving steps.  This was a good reminder to look at things from all angles before jumping in.

Ben B.

Ben B.

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