Book Review: $1,000 and an idea. Sam Wyly (4/5 stars)

I just finished listening to the book $1,000 And An Idea, by Sam Wyly.  In trying to summarize the book in a sentence, I think the best I can do is “When the idea and management are good enough, the money to back it will materialize”. I know it may be insulting to Mr. Wyly

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Hating the 1%

You wouldn’t dream of hating someone because of  their choice of religion, political party, schooling or other lifestyle choices.  But there are those who hate others simply because they are (or perceived to be) wealthy.  Before passing judgement on someone’s human worth because of their net worth, please remember that your snap judgement is about as

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The Drive-thru That Wasn’t

I was in California on business a few years ago when I pulled into a drive-thru restaurant for some dinner.  As I pulled around the side of the building I saw a gate blocking the drive-thru area.  On the gate was a note that “we are no longer able to offer the service of a

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Natural laws

On Halloween night, 2019 I realized I was getting a little overweight and told myself I needed to lose some weight.  “Well, the holidays are coming up” I justified “I’ll do it as a new year’s resolution”.  It was one of those moments where if I’d had a third hand, I would have shaken myself

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Building furniture from Ikea

When we set out to achieve something, it’s important to know the recipe before we begin.  Sure, being entrepreneurs we rarely can see the complete end from the beginning, but we can study it out in order to have a good idea of what we are stepping into. Prime example, we’ve been wanting to get

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Pushing beyond the noise.

Yesterday as I watched another one of Space X’s launches I sat in amazement.  I never grow tired of seeing their feats of engineering that bring a spent rocket back home to land safely on a designated pad (or a floating barge). Just a few years ago, this whole concept seemed absurd, and the nay-sayers

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Concert in the woods

In December, our friends invited my wife and I to a Christmas concert at their cabin in the woods.  Somehow they had arranged for a prominent local artist to come play in their cozy living room for about 45 guests, and we were the happy recipients of an invite.  This particular artist plays my wife’s

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The hardest things is also the most rewarding.

I often say that “the hardest thing you will ever do in your life… is change it”.  And while that may be true, it keeps our minds focused on the difficulty of the task.  If we focus on the burning legs at the gym, or the cramping in our hands while we write, the experience

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Premature Authority

I saw a little girl the other day, maybe four years old who was throwing a massive tantrum because she wasn’t getting what she wanted from her daddy.  It was something minor, and as a parent you can usually tell when the tears are fake.  This kid was milking it.  Her dad (only once) said

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You Usually Know What’s Up

You’ve had it happen.  You just “knew” something wasn’t right, but you couldn’t put your finder on it.  Later you find out X, Y, And Z and all the pieces come together.  We have all been born with the innate ability to sense when something is amiss, and it’s important to acknowledge those feelings and

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The Behavior Boomerang

Whatever we throw out into the world is what comes back to us.  Jim Carrey once said that because he required himself to be at his best, it put others in a position to act their best toward him.  Mom knew what she was talking about.  If you want to have friends, be one.  If

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Dying While Charging

As most of us do, I plugged my phone in the other night just before bed.  The next morning my phone charge was at 1%.  I thought I must not have plugged it in all the way and charged it in my office that morning while I was writing.  Again, that night I heard the

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