Concert in the woods

In December, our friends invited my wife and I to a Christmas concert at their cabin in the woods.  Somehow they had arranged for a prominent local artist to come play in their cozy living room for about 45 guests, and we were the happy recipients of an invite.  This particular artist plays my wife’s

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The hardest things is also the most rewarding.

I often say that “the hardest thing you will ever do in your life… is change it”.  And while that may be true, it keeps our minds focused on the difficulty of the task.  If we focus on the burning legs at the gym, or the cramping in our hands while we write, the experience

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Premature Authority

I saw a little girl the other day, maybe four years old who was throwing a massive tantrum because she wasn’t getting what she wanted from her daddy.  It was something minor, and as a parent you can usually tell when the tears are fake.  This kid was milking it.  Her dad (only once) said

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You Usually Know What’s Up

You’ve had it happen.  You just “knew” something wasn’t right, but you couldn’t put your finder on it.  Later you find out X, Y, And Z and all the pieces come together.  We have all been born with the innate ability to sense when something is amiss, and it’s important to acknowledge those feelings and

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The Behavior Boomerang

Whatever we throw out into the world is what comes back to us.  Jim Carrey once said that because he required himself to be at his best, it put others in a position to act their best toward him.  Mom knew what she was talking about.  If you want to have friends, be one.  If

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Dying While Charging

As most of us do, I plugged my phone in the other night just before bed.  The next morning my phone charge was at 1%.  I thought I must not have plugged it in all the way and charged it in my office that morning while I was writing.  Again, that night I heard the

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“When” and “Then”

It can be disastrous to your well being…  If you convince yourself that there is a box to check before you can experience fulfillment in your life, you’ll never be happy.  I could give a dozen examples from my own life and people I know who held their life back until their perceived something was

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When to act

I love a good principle because it can be used in any generation, by anyone, with predictable results.  There is a great book by David J. Schwartz called The Magic of Thinking Big.  In this book he says that “action cures fear”.  In modern times Mel Robbins says the same thing with her 5 Second

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I know, it’s a sensitive issue and there is a lot that goes into this, mental health being on the forefront.  I’m not trying to discount any real problems, and for the sake of time I won’t go into it.  But, someone this week said something about homelessness that caught my attention.  He said “why

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The City Planner Has Gum Disease

15 years ago my wife and I built a home in a farming community near the Great Salt Lake.  Our back deck view was nothingness for about two miles until our eyes touched the shores of the lake.  It was a beautiful setting but with an influx of development over the years our view has

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Say something

This summer I underwent a routine outpatient surgery because my insides kept trying to get to my outsides.  When I was in the pre-operation room the doctor gave me a rushed rundown of what he and his team were going to be doing. He asked me what side my issue was on, and I said

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Hearing the music for the first time.

Ask anyone who has ever studied an instrument and they will tell you that they begin to hear the details of that particular instrument in any song where it is played.  I think personal development is very similar.  It seems that you can always tune into someone else who is trying to do better things

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