Ben Barrus

Since the year 2000, Ben has created, built and/or sold well over a dozen businesses.  “Being an entrepreneur teaches you a lot” Ben says, “and the greatest lesson I continue to learn is that my job is to care for the people, it is their job to care for the business”.

This philosophy solidified in Ben’s mind through decades of study, experimentation and pain.  “The greatest lessons came from mopping up the remains of a business and turning it into something credible again.  I knew that in order for the business to get better, I had to get better”.   

While juggling five businesses, a family and other responsibilities Ben made it a priority to learn.  If there was a free moment, his eyes were on a self help/business development book, or one was playing in his ears. 

During this time of intense study he recognized a clear pattern of success which surfaced in almost every business, self development and religious material he consumed.  “Why aren’t they teaching this stuff in college” he thought.  

This scattered pattern intrigued him and he set to figure it out.  While he doesn’t claim to have invented it, he believes The Steward Principle (as he calls it) can help anyone, “it’s universal, it’s repeatable, and it works”.   

In recent years Ben has sold his remaining companies and now spends the majority of his time teaching The Steward Principle to those willing to learn.  He often jokes “There are two people I cannot help, anyone with a perfect life, and those who know everything.  The rest of us can use this”.         

Ben lives in Farmington, UT with his wife and three children.  His mission:  “To help people create remarkable lives”   

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